• Project Tarneit / Category Short Film / Status In Development

In the growing suburb of Tarneit, west of Melbourne, 15-year-old Tyrone lives with his distressed mother and pick-of-the-month boyfriend Pommy, a lowlife opportunist who despises immigrants and homosexuals. Tyrone’s best friend Shaker, a South Sudanese immigrant, lives with his mother and older brother Clinton, in the same fast developing housing trust crammed together for a disenfranchised society.

Their friendship is viewed with racism, bigotry and malice. Both long for an escape from the hopelessness that surrounds them. Both neglected and silent, they navigate the urban sprawl of racial tension and violence, and through vulnerability and tenderness they grow toward an understanding of each other and their world, and though it is agonising to witness their progression, it is also thrilling.

Tarneit is a cinematic exploration of Australian youth and also a social document, a hard look at Australia’s immigrants, its poor and other marginalised groups of people. It is a story and a poem written in light, tenderness and vivid human faces.


Director: John Sheedy
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Producer: Andre Lima
Cinematography: Sky Davies
Editing: Johanna Scott